Solution Engineer

เขตราชเทวี, ประเทศไทย



- Exploring, coding, and presenting for a new algorithm or methodology to solve the problem.
- Write development document.
- Deeply understand the business logic and problem statement.
- Know real-world best-practice to deliver the product suite in production phase.
- Active learner and practical in research methodology.
- Conduct design and code reviews.
- Suggest an innovation approach to increase software usability, error reduction, and task automation. 


- A Bachelor's or master's degree in Computer Science or related field.
- At least 1-year software development experience with filesystems, concurrency, multithreading, server architectures, and distributed systems.
- Experience working with networking protocols (such as HTTP, SSL, TCP), databases system (Such as MySQL, MongoDB) and data format (Such as XML, JSON)
- Capable in Hadoop/Spark/R-H2O/Cloudera Manager and MapReduce.
- Extensive knowledge of Unix/Linux/Git (Docker is a plus).