UX Designer

เขตราชเทวี, ประเทศไทย



- Leads the design for new experiences and improvements of existing experiences.
- Advocates for design solutions, highlighting inputs that influenced the decisions including business and user goal, demographic and usage data, and research finding.
- Develops detailed storyboards, mock-ups, and prototypes to effectively communicate interaction and design ideas.
- Design the aesthetics to be implemented within a website or product, from the layout menus and drop-down options to colors and fonts allowing for interface edits as needed.
- Works alongside developers and product owner throughout all stages of the production cycle.
- Develops and maintains detailed user-interface specifications.
- Presents design work to team for review and feedback.


- A Bachelor's degree in Design, Computer Science, or related field.
- Proficient with visual design programs such as Adobe Photoshop and others.
- Experience creating storyboards and website mapping
- Experience with coding and ability to troubleshoot using HTML, CSS and comparable languages.
- Continued education and research into UX trends and current design strategy and technologies.
- Professional written and interpersonal skills when communicating with customers and clients.
- Ability to prioritize and manage several milestones and projects efficiently.
- Good communication skills and storytelling skills.